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Night Time Person(s) Needed to Volunteer an hour or 2 in the evening to do "Tuck Ins".

This position can be for 1 person who lives close by or multiple people.

Our dogs are kenneled outside all day, we are looking for 1 or a few people who can help come in the evenings around 6 pm to feed the dogs, let them out of their kennel to use the bathroom and then "tuck" them into their crates inside.


Feed the dogs, administer meds if needed, make sure indoor crates have water and clean bedding, let dogs run the yard to use the bathroom (fall/winter months when it gets dark early) or walk down the road to use the bathroom (spring/summer when it's light out), get them in their crates inside, wash bowls, turn off lights and lock up.


  • Must be comfortable with dogs of all sizes.
  • Able to observe and communicate problems with the animals’ health and behaviors
  • Able to administer meds if needed
  • Able to work outside in all seasons, hot, wet and cold
  • Have reliable transportation to and from the farm
  • Be dependable

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're able to help!