Hi there. My name is Jill Ivey. My girlfriend, Gina, and I adopted Brows a little over a year ago. Brows has been a Godsend.

I have been blessed that this loving creature chose us to come home with. We couldn't have chosen a more perfect companion. I mean that. I am certain that people who have adopted pets from WARM all claim that their pet is amazing. But I mean it. Browser is our family. He greets us at the door. He sits on the couch and watches movies with us. He goes on trips with us.

My grandparents love him. They have set up their yard to be 'Browsers' yard. He has helped me battle my depression, and self destruction. I am grateful for this dog's love.

He sleeps at my feet every night...almost. Some nights he prefers his own bed. Last night, I told Gina that I wish Brows could hug me. I told her that I just wanted to know what it felt like to be hugged by someone you love so much. Brows ever so gently put his paw on my leg. And the rested his head on my hip. He knows me. He is a smart, loving, wonderful dog.

And I just wanted y'all to know how blessed we are that he chose us. We love him more than words can even express.

Happy tails...
Jill, Gina, and Brows the Wonder Dog

P. S. Brows, on one of the trips to my parents' house in Charleston, made himself at home on my Mom's couch. He's such a wonderful friend. And I stress, that he IS my very best friend.

He's in my lap as I try to write this email. But I certainly wouldn't have it any other way. Because...that is what friends are for.

Happy tails...
Jill and Brows Ivey