Hi, Julie and Jean,

Kirby and I just wanted to give you an update on our 'Jake".

I have attached some pictures so that you can see for yourselves that all is going well. Socks, our granddog, thinks we got Jake just for her and is absolutely in love. When he won't play, she follows him to his "house" and pokes him with her nose and tries to get him to come out and play. (Socks walks 5 miles a day and has more endurance than Jake does at this point. We are working on that!) He is learning that we are his humans and greets me with kisses when I come home at night. He has told us that he does NOT like plain dry food and will eat it only to survive. We have given in and add a couple spoonfuls of canned food to each feeding in order to fatten him up a little. He was scared of the tile floor at first but is overcoming that. He had never seen a mirror so we had a lot of fun watching him with it. He is also attracted to the TV on occasion and will stop and watch it.

He is bringing us great pleasure and we thank you for keeping him for us until we could find him.

I will try to continue to update you. If you have time, you can read my accounting in my blog - address below.

Have a good day!
Suzie, Kirby and Jake Townsend

Jake's new homeJake's new friendJake3