Molly is a brindle Mastiff. She was left with an 83 year old grandmother when the granddaughter moved away. The grandmother tried to keep her, and did for a year, but Molly just got too large for her to handle.

Molly stayed with WARM about 1 1/2 years and then was adopted by a loving family on April 5, 2008. Following are letters from her new family.

April 5, 2008

Julie & Jean,
We just got unpacked and Bill and Victoria have gone to return the rental. Molly and I are just hang'in out. She is a great car rider. After you get started she lays down, until you stop and then she wants to go along. Currently she is enjoying a greenie that we got there at the feed and seed. I just wanted to let you know that we are the happiest people on the planet earth and Molly is the happiest dog. We love her and are so glad to have her as a member of our family. Thank you both so very much.

April 5, 2008

Julie & Jean,

We got home an hour or so ago and I just wanted to say THANKS. Molly is absolutely awesome!!! She traveled so nicely and really just wanted nothing more than to be right with us the whole way home. She is settling in and sniffing around so Angela and I both feel she will do great. She is definitely a smart girl and responds to most voice commands we tried so far.
It's now about 8:30 and we've been home for over 4 hours. All my girls are asleep. Molly is as tired as the rest of us and everyone but me (Bill) is fast asleep. Thank you so much for the awesome companion. I hope all is well and I'll be sending a few pictures and/or a short movie of Molly (if I can get a decent one) in the next day or so.

Thanks again,

April 13, 2008

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know how Molly's first week went.
What an AWESOME dog.
My goodness how could anyone not love this girl.
I have been sick most of the week and was home with her. She has attached to me (Bill) pretty well.
She walks the entire house before she'll go to bed at night but she sleeps on her bed all night. So far she has had no accidents.
She does jump up if invited but is incredibly delicate about it.
She does have one very puzzling habit; she LOVES to lie under the table when we eat. It's like she was taught to do this as a puppy and just never learned not to. We'll be working on this habit.
She adapted to a crate very easily and we have used it when we go out for an hour or so.
Molly has fit in completely with our family and has met both mine and Angela's moms (Not sure on this part but she really seems to like white hair and older folks) and they both thought she was a great animal as well.
Here are a few more pictures of Molly (The Magnificent Mastiff) title is pending approval of the House of Commons :)
She is very loving and just so much fun to have around.
She weighed in at 104 pounds and our vet praised her and her caregivers for her condition. She got her rabies shot; the vet said that without proof (NC Rules) that she had a rabies vaccination she would have to get another next year.
Can you provide a record so we can get it to our vet?
We really do want to than

k you again for letting us take her.
We are so proud of her we show her off as much as we can. We are actively looking at some folks in the area that help train dogs and will be doing some classes with her as soon as we can schedule them.
Car rides with Molly are an adventure, she has not quite figured out how to handle riding on our curvy mountain roads.

Hope all is well,

Bill and Angela Rankin

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