Roxy was left at WARM in mid-2003 by a family that was moving and could not take her with them. Roxy was adopted at Easter the following year but that adoption just wasn't meant to be.

Roxy was left at WARM once again and has been living at the WARM farm ever since. Roxy was young when she was first brought to WARM, so we estimate her age in 2007 to be about 5-6 years old. 

Many times it is difficult to find new guardians for adult dogs – most people are looking for puppies or young dogs. We were afraid Roxy's time for adoption was running out and that she would be a permanent resident of WARM. But they say that good things come to those who wait – so Roxy waited, and a wonderful thing came for her – her new loving guardian. Roxy was adopted on Saturday, January 20, 2007. Below is a letter from her new guardian: Ms Jean,

Just a short note to assure you that adopting Roxy and bringing her home with me last night was a God send for the both of us here! I believe the blending of heart and soul was instantaneous from the moment I sat on the floor and looked into her eyes yesterday.

She has quickly become my heart throb. She was a perfect traveling companion. Looked out the windows for a short while, then just came to the front between the seats, got a kiss and a pat on the head and went to sleep. She woke up when we reached just two blocks shy of her new home! She stood right up, straight and so alert and went to the van door to wait for me to
attach her leash and let her out.

My friend Nancy walked her while I got things from the van to the house so I would have totally hands free time with her inside. When I went back outside to invite them in, she had been waiting by the gate the whole time I was inside. Nancy said she wouldn't go walk with her anywhere. She saw me come out the house door and started wiggling and hopping up, just like she knew I would be coming back for her. I have to tell you, my heart was so excited I nearly cried to see her so happy to see me!

I brushed her for a while, put on a special neck scarf I had gotten for her, let her get her picture made with Nancy before she scooted home, got her food and water station put in place, walked Nancy to her car, took a short walk around the block, came back in, kissed and fell asleep for hours! She slept right near me and believe it or not, grabbed one of the toys I had waiting for her, brought it to me then walked to the door and we went out.

Here a few of the pics Nancy took for us! I will periodically update you with new pictures to continue to share with you the immense joy you helped bring into my heart and life with one small gesture of faith.

I cannot thank you enough Jean, I am so filled with love and joy again I am about to burst!

Go in God's light,

Colleen and Roxy