Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission

WARM is organized by a Board of Directors & volunteers who all donate their time toward helping the organization. Julie Finlayson is a well known local naturalist with 35 years experience in wildlife rehabilitation. Her education includes certificate in wildlife rehabilitation, Master in Science & Education, and a degree in Biology. She shares her knowledge with others through teaching and seminars.

Our Mission

WARM is an absolutely no-kill shelter, we never kill for convenience. No healthy or curable animals are ever killed. Animals are euthanized only when they are no longer happy being alive and whose pain or discomfort cannot be alleviated. Each animal is given every possible chance for life.

dokneylove2Our Commitment

WARM rescues and rehabilitates domestic animals which have been abandoned or abused, and locates loving homes. Prior to adoption WARM provides spay/neuter, vaccine, preventatives, and the insertion of a microchip for permanent identification.

WARM is committed to returning wild animals to suitable habitats following rehabilitation. For those animals that release proves impossible, our facility becomes a permanent home where the animal joins our education "staff".

Our Goals

Since 1994 our ongoing goals have consisted of the following:

  • To provide facilities for the rehabilitation of domestic animals and wildlife.
  • To educate adults and children in the importance of preservation of land and animals.
  • To operate as a self sufficient facility with a caring staff.
  • To make pet therapy available for the physically and mentally challenged of all ages.
  • To advocate spaying and neutering.
  • To locate loving homes for domestic animals.