1. Volunteers! Help with:

● Care for dogs, cats, pigs & chickens
● Night time volunteers to come help put dogs to bed from their kennels to crates in the rescue house
● Cleaning: kennels, crates, cat room, rescue house & farm duties

2. Cat Food: Friskies Canned Gravy Flavors (not the indoor kind)

3. Cat Treats: Temptations Cat Treats Chicken Flavor

4. Scratch pads for cats

5. Dog Food: Purina One Beef dry & wet/canned

6. Dog Treats: Milkbone plain (no dyes)

7. Dog Beds: Elevated dog cots for outdoors – XL

8. Dog Houses: XL Igloos and XL Insulated Houses

9. Dog Kennels: Behlen Hot Dipped Galvanized Magnum Kennel Panels (available at Conway Feed)

● 10’ x 6’ Gate Panel
● 10’ x 6’ Expansion Panel

10. Dog Supplements for Seniors: Zesty Paws Senior Advanced 11 in 1 Bites Multifunctional, Liquid Health, Liquid Glucosamine for dogs

11. Chicken Feed: Purina Dumor / Premium Blend 5 Grain Scratch Feed

● Carolina Pride (grounded up)

12. Pig Feed: Purina Nature’s Match Sow & Pig Complete Feed

13. Skin Spray Conditioner: Miconal Hex & Trix for dogs, cats & pigs

14. Cleaning Supplies: Gallon jugs of KennelSol, Vinegar, Bleach and Powder Laundry Detergent

15. Empty Spray Bottles

16. Heaters: Safe portable electric heaters for rescue house, ones that will shut off if knocked over and has no open elements

17. Extension Cords & Power Strips: durable outdoor cords

18. Straw Bales – for dog houses

19. Gloves: Rubber and Work Gloves – women medium and large

20. Freezer – large working freezer & non working top loading chest freezers (for storing feed)

21. Refrigerator - simple small fridge with top freezer

22. Camera Security System

23. Gift cards to Conway Feed & Tractor Supply

24. Tractor Tires: John Deere 22 x 9.50 12 inch & someone to mount and install new tires

25. Grant Writer

26. Building Materials:

● Gutters
● 6 ft Wood or Plastic Fencing Panels
● Large rolls of heavy duty plastic to insulate the cat room during winter months

26. Professionals for:

● Trimming Trees
● Installing Gutters on Farm Buildings
● Handyman - to do odd jobs like fix roofs on farm & ceilings in rescue house, barn repairs, gate & stall repairs, install new flooring in rescue house and cat room, strengthen back porch floor
● Electrician to fix lighting issues in barn and rescue house / replace breaker box
● Fencing – repair and replace fencing along farm and dog yard (wood or plastic) and electric fencing throughout farm
● Plumber – to help with plumbing upgrades throughout the farm



Joey Miller 317-946-2713
Julie Lovett 919-880-0851
Christa Branham 908-586-0837

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