Dear Friends of WARM,

Julie, our Director, is facing some serious health issues right now and we are unsure about the future of WARM. For the past few months the Board of Directors have been trying to figure out all the good and bad things that have been done to prepare for this situation and unfortunately we do not have many answers. Because of this, and other issues, we have decided it’s safest to get most of the animals we currently have to a better place. It wasn’t an easy decision for us, we’re heartbroken, but it is our responsibility to do what’s best for the animals. This is the reason why we are in rescue to begin with.

3 amazing rescues and sanctuaries have helped us out by taking most of our farm animals. They are currently residing in Georgia with Waddle On Inn and TMMA Farms and Sanctuary. Our mini horse is now with Barnabas Horse Foundation, a local non profit that offers trauma-focuses equine-assisted therapy. Please support these amazing organizations and consider donating. They took in a lot of mouths to feed and will be having all animals assessed by their vets which will be a hefty bill.

Please know that it is not our intention to dissolve WARM, we’d like to carry out Julie’s wishes to keep the rescue going. We are in desperate need for volunteers who can fundraise. We are in the process of reassessing how WARM runs and figuring out positive changes we need to make because it’s our goal to keep helping animals. We do still have pigs and chickens on the farm, dogs and cats in the rescue house. The pigs and chickens will remain for as long as possible and of course the dogs and cats are still up for adoption. We still need YOU, our friends, to keep this rescue going and to be able to continue the care for the animals we still have. We still need our volunteers and we still need donations. We’d want to keep moving forward but we can only do that with your support!

It is a long unknown road ahead, so please bare with us as we figure it out. None of us have ever been through this situation before and there’s a lot to learn. Just know that the animals are and will always be the priority. We will only do what’s best for them. As our Director focuses on her health, we ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers and let her have her privacy during this difficult time.


The WARM Board Members
Kathleen McGinniss