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Are you ready to meet the cutest little girl in the world?

Introducing Opal, a pittie/heeler mix puppy with the most gorgeous orange-tan coloring and speckled little feet. Opal is 3 months old and current on her shots. She is a very confident puppy as her older foster canine siblings have helped teach her to be. Sometimes a bit over-confident. She’s a very vocal player and uses her sharp teeth to explore the world, whether it’s your hand, her furry foster siblings, your shoes, your pant leg…

She is very eager to please however and loves learning and exploring. She is starting to do well on her leash training and knows “sit” so far. She’s a good little eater who enjoys meals 3 times a day and also is working super hard on her house training. If kept on a strict schedule you will expect very little accidents out of miss Opal. However, she is after all a puppy and has to learn a new routine to be successful for you too!

She loves toys, loves bones, treats, you time, her time, foster furry sibling time. She is trying to learn to be respectful of boundaries but as her foster siblings play hard, she plays even harder. If it were up to her, she would be awake all day long just playing and getting in to anything she wants to but similar to a toddler, she must be put down for nappies. Otherwise, her ears don’t seem to work and it’s Opal’s world and we only live in it.

During the day she is used to hanging out with a human while they work and she gets several potty breaks and play sessions during the day with her foster siblings. She occupies herself and plays with toys, whining to let her human know it’s time to go out. At night, it’s hard core play time and winding down with tv time. Overnight, she sleeps in a crate in the humans bedroom and she sleeps all through the night without a peep.

Opal will steal your heart (and your slippers and claim them as her own). She’s a once in a lifetime little girl who had the best momma in the world and we just know she will be the best girl ever. Her ideal home is someone wanting a loyal dog, and doesn't hurt to have some siblings to play with! Someone who will exercise her, allow her to be part of every little thing and someone who will continue teaching her good doggy manners and help her be a great canine citizen. After all, she will have to be an ambassador of her breed as she continues to grow up.

Opal will need a 6 ft fenced in yard, she is already a jumper and a climber. At 4 weeks old she taught herself how to climb out and escape her puppy pen. Ideally, we are looking for a family that understands herding breeds and their needs. Recently, Opal has been seen for a UTI and upon microscopic examination, it was noticed she had a few crystals as well. While no further recommendation to diet at this time, there is no guarantee she will not have crystal issues in the future and as such would need special dietary accommodations. While health is never a guarantee with any furry family member, we felt important to point this out so her family could make an educated adoption decision

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